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About Us

The main mission of Radio Communications System Services Department, Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd. is to provide the rental service of Radio Communications System to facilitate the airline and air transport operators and other operators involved in airports across the country. Other than the aviation business, we also provide this service to fuel & oil business, such as Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Rayong, Laem Chabang Industrial Estate, Chonburi, and the PTT Public Company Limited, especially area around the oil rig in the Gulf of Thailand and Sirikit oil field area in Kamphaeng Phet Province. This service has been served under the second type of telecommunications business license approved by Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).


Moreover, we also provide related services including consultancy service, provision of design and installation of the communication network, and maintenance service to other organizations.

certified ISO 9001: 2015

“Commit to developing our service with high technology, quality attention, safe and customer expectation”