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AEROTHAI recognizes the importance of developing human resources and enhancing expertise in a variety of fields, including operations, engineering, and management. To this end, the company provides support to aviation agencies within the country as well as other agencies in Southeast Asia and the wider Asian region through its various training programs. The training program provided are as follows:

Operational training programs

  • Air Traffic Control Watch Supervisor
  • Approach Control on-the-job Training Refreshment
  • New Flight Plan Training
  • Pseudo Pilot Training
  • Safety Management System Training

Engineering training programs

  • Radar Process System on-the-job Training
  • Calibration and Testing Laboratory Workshop Training
  • MSSR Preventive Maintenance Training
  • MLAT Refreshment Training
  • Qualification Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) Training 

Management training programs

  • Financial and Administration Training
  • Aviation Administration and Financial Management Training

Service users

  • The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal 
  • The Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh 
  • The Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia 
  • Lao Air Traffic Management