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Type of Communication Network System

Currently, AEROTHAI has 3 systems of communication networks, which are:

Multi-Channel Per Carrier (MCPC)

  • is a point-to-point network satellite station which uses a Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) techniques
  • provide services via multiple channels and is suitable as a communication network incorporating many host users
  • has 3 client stations at international airports located in Mongolia, Vietnam, and The Philipines.


Telephony Earth Station (TES)

  • is a mesh network satellite station that uses a Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) technique and Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) technique to transmit voice signals, whilst using a Pre-Assigned Multiple Access (PAMA) technique to transmit data
  • allows quick responses to voice and data transmissions because each ground satellite station can directly contact each other
  • has a Network Control System (NCS) which functions as the central system for allocating channels and has a Redundant NCS system to enable the system to be able to ensure the provision of services at all times.
  • has ground network stations at AEROTHAI’s Thungmahamek headquarters and 3 ground client stations in Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Vietnam 



  • is a system that combines the qualities of the Star network and the Mesh network by using TDMA techniques
  • has an IP broadband interface, which allows it to connect with computer devices making it convenient to use
  • quickly transmit and receive all types of data including messages, pictures, voice and motion pictures via the internet
  • fast transmission because each ground satellite can directly contact each another without having to relay through a ground network station
  • has the Network Control Center (NCC) to allocate the signal channel
  • provide services at all times even when the primary NCC is not operating because of a Redundant NCC
  • supports digital video broadcasting via satellite second generation (DVB S2) systems
  • has set up 58 ground client stations all over Thailand and at Yangon (Myanmar), Vientiane (Lao), Pnompenh (Cambodia) and a network operation testing station at Thungmahamek
  • has ground network base unit situated at Thungmahamek headquarters with a backup ground network base unit at Suvarnabhumi Airport and an emergency backup base unit at Phitsanulok Air Traffic Control center