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Air & Ground Situation Display

AEROTHAI has developed radar information display services to provide real-time information about aircraft movement including Air Situation Display (ASD) and Ground Situation Display (GSD) via both airport internal network and Internet to both customers inside and outside the airport environs. These services are as follows:

Air traffic is becoming increasingly more complex. Airspace is becoming more and more congested as the volume and frequency of air travel increases. Airlines and airport operators have to adapt and streamline the practical operational use of their fleets, parking bays, gates, and other infrastructure items, and to utilize facilities and resources efficiently in order to meet with this growing demand.

AEROTHAI has continually developed and improved its systems by developing software to display information according to the particular needs of its users. One example is a 10-mile out display system for Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited installed at their aviation operations center. This software is used to monitor aircraft within a radius of 10 nautical miles that are inbound to land and which are displayed on a large screen at the central locations at their operations center.

Currently, other airline operators and aviation schools use and will look to use these services, including Bangkok Airways PLC., Airports of Thailand PLC., Bangkok Aviation Center Co., Ltd (BAC) and International Aviation College (IAC) Nakhon Phanom University.