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Types of AOC services

Airline Operational Control services can be categorized into 2 areas, which are:

Airline Operation Control (AOC).

is a commercial service used for communicating airline information between aircraft and the airline host’s ground stations which can be accessed through various applications such as:

  • Out off On in Time
  • Aircraft Loadsheet
  • Dispatch and Weather Update
  • Engine Performance
  • Position Report
  • Fuel Status
  • Weather Services
  • Passenger Services
  • Flight Status
  • Aircraft Loadsheet

​​Airline Traffic Services (ATS)

This is a safety service specifically designed for air traffic control purposes. It manages communications between aircraft and air traffic control centers as well as other information relays necessary for increased air safety and air traffic control, such as:

  • DCL (Data Link Pre-Departure Clearance)
  • D-ATIS (Digital Automatic Terminal Information Service)