Forms & Guidance Materials

For All

For States of the Operator/States of Registry

For ATS Provider States

  • Traffic Sample Data (TSD) Collection Template : December traffic data to be submitted once a year.
  • Large Height Deviation (LHD) Reports : LHD reports are to be submitted monthly. Starting November 2016, States can submit LHD reports via our online reporting system. Please contact us to obtain an access to the system. For States who wish to submit the form via email, please use the Word document form here (last updated March 2016). This form should contain many pre-defined drop-down lists. Please contact us if you cannot see these control elements.
  • LHD Presentation : This material can be used to promote LHD reporting to air traffic controllers. Please contact us if you would like the editable version.

For Operators

For Operators using MAAR EGMU Service: