Monitoring Service using EGMU : Steps for Operators

Aircraft operators who wish to obtain any height monitoring services must first complete the general steps described in our RVSM Requirements for Operators section. Once we have your approval data, follow the following steps to apply for MAAR's HKPM EGMU service:

No.ActionDescription Check if CompleteRemarks
1Make sure that RMAs have the RVSM approval record of the airframe to be monitored For States under MAAR's responsibility, please check RVSM Approval Records. Otherwise, please check your designated RMA's website (List of RMAs). For States under MAAR's responsibility, if you cannot find an approval record of your airframe listed on our website, please ask your State CAA to submit F2 Form to
Please, note that MAAR only accept F2 Form from State CAA.
2Submit the application Check our EGMU service availability calendar, then complete and submit RVSM Monitoring Application Form to For States not under MAAR's responsibility, MAAR will check with the designated RMA for RVSM approvals.
3Review services proposal Review HKPM Services Proposal drafted by MAAR
4Review services agreement Review HKPM Services Agreement drafted by MAAR Aircraft operator shall confirm HKPM service by signing the last page of the Agreement.
5Develop monitoring plan Agree with MAAR a monitoring plan/schedule
Send MAAR an invitation letter (template)
Arrange a business-class air ticket for MAAR personnel
Arrange hotel accommodations for MAAR personnel
Arrange local transportation for MAAR personnel
Fill in the top portion of FIF (Information to be recorded prior to flight) & submit to MAAR FIF should be sent to MAAR 1 week prior to the monitoring date.
6Fly MAAR personnel installs EGMU and starts collecting data. The monitored flight has to maintain a single flight level between FL290 to FL410 for at least 40 minute. If the HKP monitoring is conducted outside the Mode-C radar coverage, or MAAR engineer is not able to retrieve Mode-C radar data, the operator shall provide pressure altitude data from the Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) to the height keeping performance monitoring service provider.
7Pay HKPM service fee Refer to the invoice issued by AEROTHAI Monitoring result will only be disclosed after full payment has been received.
8Wait for ASE results from MAAR MAAR sends monitoring results to State Authority and a copy to the operator. Monitoring result will be available approximately 4-8 weeks from the monitoring date.
For non-compliant airframe, please, refer to Procedures for Aircraft Found To Be Non-Compliant Through Monitoring.