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The 13th Aviation Customer Meeting (ACM) 2023 at Chiangmai

12 October 2023

Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd. (AEROTHAI) collaborates with Collins and ADCC to organize the 13th Aviation Customer Meeting (ACM) 2023, aiming to exchange ideas with airlines on the use of analytical flight data. Its objective is to create value-added and drive sustainable growth in the aviation business.

AEROTHAI, in collaboration with Collins Aerospace, USA, and the Aviation Data Communication Corporation (ADCC) of the People's Republic of China, will host the Aviation Customer Meeting (ACM) 2023 under the theme “Unlocking Value through Data and Connectivity” in Chiang Mai province from November 7-9, 2023. This event is a significant part of the VHF Air-Ground Data Link Network service within the GLOBALink/Asia-Pacific project. Confirmed participants for the conference exceed 200 individuals from 55 airlines, ANSP agencies, and service partners, as well as stakeholders from the global aviation industry. The attendees will exchange information, experiences, and insights with over 25 qualified experts and specialists, presenting information on the current situation, necessities, and communication and analytical data needs. This aims to provide decision-making information for airlines in order to develop the direction of communication and aviation technology in the digital era which will elevate the management of the aviation industry, including airlines, airports, and air traffic service providers, to the highest level of efficiency and safety.

One of the key objectives of the meeting is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the partnership in GLOBALink/Asia-Pacific among AEROTHAI, Collins Aerospace, and ADCC. This collaboration was initiated in the year 2541 B.E. (1998) to establish a flight data communication network, replacing the traditional voice communication in aviation. As of today, this partnership is in a phase of significant growth, with more than 360 remote ground stations across the Asia-Pacific region, providing Data Link services for the aviation industry in the region.

The VHF Air-Ground Data Link service is highly flexible, allowing for tailored responses to the specific needs of each airline. Airlines can customize the amount of data transmission for appropriate analysis based on their requirements, flight volume, or the number of aircraft in their fleet. Aeronautical datalink communication enhances the operational efficiency of airlines, airports, and air traffic service providers during en-route and on-ground flight operations. It involves the transmission and receipt of real-time aircraft data, such as estimated arrival and departure times, and takeoff requests, as well as engine status information for effective aircraft maintenance management. Also, this can provide entertaining data connectivity on board to impress passengers.

With long-term experience in the management of the provision of ARINC MultiLinkSM VHF Air-Ground Data Link service, the GLOBALink/Asia-Pacific team will build customer confidence in the aviation industry by encouraging collaboration amongst stakeholders and increasing competitive capabilities. By this dedicated effort, the aviation industry in this region will, once again, revive.