• Aeronautical Communication Services
  • Aeronautical Communication Services
  • Aeronautical Communication Services

Aeronautical Information Service is the provision of all necessary aeronautical information to aircraft operators.  AEROTHAI is responsible for the flow of information necessary for safety, regularity and efficiency of international air navigation and performs its duty by receiving, transmitting, relaying and distributing Aeronautical Information and messages to pilots and staff.
Aeronautical information such as

  1. Aeronautical Fixed Services (AFS), AEROTHAI is responsible for the main Aeronautical Communication Centre in Asia/Pacific Region to exchange aeronautical information via Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN) and Aeronautical Telecommunication Network (ATN)
  2. Aeronautical Information Services,
2.1 Aeronautical Information (AI), as AEROTHAI is delegated from the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) to be International NOTAM office (NOF) to distribute NOTAMs in Bangkok FIR divided into five series: Series A for international distribution, Series C for local distribution, Series G for satellites status information, Series H for VIP flight information and Series J for warning information through AFTN and ATN. Included the NOTAM database provides NOTAM information by automatic request and reply
2.2 Weather Information (WI), as AEROTHAI is designated as of the Asia/Pacific Regional OPMET Data Bank and Main Collection Centre under ICAO ROBEX Scheme, also responsible for collecting and disseminating the operational meteorological information of 37 aerodromes in Bangkok FIR and in the area of responsibilities of Asia/Pacific region (Regional OPMET Data Bank- Bangkok: RODB) thru the AFTN and ATN
2.3 Flight Information (FI), AEROTHAI is responsible for
  • Flight Data Management Centre (FDMC) to manage Flight Plan Messages and Flight Movement Messages (e.g. Change, Delay, Cancel, Depart, Arrival) in BKK FIR
  • Aerodrome AIS Unit and Air Traffic Services Reporting Office (ARO) for aircraft operators / representatives to submit flight plan and associated messages directly thru the AFTN. In addition, responsible for issuing departure and arrival messages at the airports. Pre-Flight Information Service is available at all domestic and international AIS/ARO aerodrome units