• Edward Warner 1988

    In 1988, the ICAO presented the Twenty-second Edward Warner Award to AEROTHAI for its continuous support of the advancement and development of aviation in the Asia-Pacific region since its foundation. This is the highest award in the aviation industry pres

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  • ATCA Industrial Award 2008

    The Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) had awarded the 2008 ATCA Industrial Award to the Bay of Bengal Cooperative Air Traffic Flow Management Task Force (ATFM Task Force), which included the main aviation organizations such as the international Civil

     รางวัล ATCA Industrial Award และ Chairman’s Citation of Merit Award ปี 2551
  • Jane’s ATC Awards 2011

    With the Company's outstanding performance in airspace capacity management and safety development, the Jane's ATC Award, Enabling Technology Category, was givend by Jane's Airport Review Mangzine to the Company on 7 March 2011 in Amsterdam, Net

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