E.g., 29/06/2022
E.g., 29/06/2022
Flight Movement

Flight Volume in October

The​ easing of COVID-19 measures in​ October​ caused a​ 25​% increase​ in flight​ volume.​ AEROTHAI​ totall​y​ accomodated​ 24,687 flights​ categorized​ into​ 6,604 international​ flights, 9,074 domestic​ flights, 2,894 overfly​ing​ flights​ and​ 6,115 flights​ for​ official​ and​ security​...

AEROTHAI President Recruitment Process

Now AEROTHAI is in the President Recruitment Process (December 13-17, 2021). The qualified candidates are welcomed. The application form, relevant details and required qualifications are available on www.aerothai.co.th or please contact the Head Office for more information, 08 1860 8506, 09 2803...


AEROTHAI revealed the flight movement after the reopening of the country

AEROTHAI reported a 25% increase in flights for 10 days after the reopening policy of the government on November 1 or about 900 flights for a day. Mr. Tinnagorn Choowong said; “During 1-10 November, we provided air traffic services for 9,199 flights consisting of 2,243 international flights...