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Loy Kratong is one of the most popular and attractive festivals for Thai people and tourists. To celebrate this occasion, sky lanterns are released into the sky. Symbolically, it means time to float away all misfortune and wish for good luck and prosperity. Sky lanterns are made of bamboo branch covered by paper and attached with fuel cell. They are launched up into the sky by the heat of fire as hot balloon. However their direction cannot be controlled into the sky. Some of they may get stuck into aircraft and cause danger to aircraft.   
Consequently, the relevant organizations which are Ministry of Interior, Office of Civil Aviation, Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited, airlines and AEROTHAI worked together on risk management. AEROTHAI is responsible for monitoring areas in which the sky lanterns are launched every year such as Northern provinces, Hua Hin, Samui, and Suvarnabhumi, and the safety areas near runways and surrounding airports.
Moreover, AEROTHAI supports the cultural festivals with qualified staff for air traffic management to ensure safety is the first priority for our airspace users.