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AEROTHAI participated in the Trajectory-Based Operation (TBO) project and the world’s first-ever demonstration flight based on multi-regional TBO to improve safety and efficiency of air traffic management in accordance with ICAO’s operational concept.

Dr. Noppasit Chakpitak, President of AEROTHAI, said; “TBO is an Air Traffic Management (ATM) initiative that enhances strategic planning under changing conditions, providing the information and capabilities to help expedite aircraft movement between origin and destination airports. TBO will shift from a voice-based set of exchanges between participants to an environment primarily involving data sharing and exchange across interoperable systems supported by global data standards. Information of each flight shared with stakeholders increase effective strategic planning for Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and airlines. This is a great honor for AEROTHAI to join the TBO project with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB), Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and Boeing. This is the world’s first multi-regional TBO flight which departed from Seattle to Tokyo, took-off from Tokyo, overflew Bangkok and landed in Singapore, then took-off from Singapore to Bangkok, finally flew back to Seattle. Based on the interoperable systems, the ANSPs jointly managed cross-regional air traffic. Then the insights from demonstration flight will be shared with ICAO to support the development and realization of global TBO.”

The President of AEROTHAI added; “TBO is involved in the Global Air Traffic Management Operational Concept of ICAO. Under the TBO, ANSPs share information, jointly plan and optimize flight trajectory to improve safety, efficiency, and predictability, and minimize delays. The TBO is expected to serve a wide range of aircraft and growing demands. This is a significant step towards sustainable aviation.”

Dr. Patty Chang-Chen, Vice President & General Manager of Boeing Research & Technology said; “This is an honor for Boeing to join the demonstration and highlight how modern air traffic management can support safe, efficient and sustainable   aviation. The TBO concept will collectively sequence the airplane’s routes, factoring in conditions such as weather, air traffic and airspace closures to achieve the optimal flight path across multiple regions. The commercial aviation industry continues to collaborate on how to operate and fly more efficiently, which can reduce emissions. For the global aviation industry, Asia/Pacific is one of the world's most critical and fastest-growing regions. Thailand is a major aviation hub in the region due to its central location and the continued growth of the tourism industry. Thailand’s aviation industry’s growth fundamentals are robust. We see potential in TBO helping Thailand and other countries to improve the capacity and efficiency of their air traffic management systems and to support sustainable aviation.”

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