• Sandbox
AEROTHAI is welcoming the government’ s scheme for reopening to foreign visitors starting in Phuket on 1 July 2021. Mr. Tinnagorn Choowong, Executive Vice President (Operations) said; AEROTHAI has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation to evaluate the aviation industry. We estimate to totally accommodate 339,340 flights in the fisical year 2022 (October 2021 to September 2022) or a decrease of 45% compared to the previous year. According to the government’s Sandbox Model for reviving tourism sector, we forecast a 6% increase in flights at Phuket Airport or 80 flights a day, while we have been currently serving 75 flights a day. In response to the reopening policy, AEROTHAI has already prepared to serve all flights in terms of Air Traffic Management technology, procedure, and human resources. With the reference to the pre-pandemic traffic and current capacity, AEROTHAI can accommodate 350 flights a day in Phuket. Safety and standard is actually considered as the first priority. 90% of our staff at Phuket Airport are fully vaccinated and all staff are required to strictly follow the COVID-19 public health measures.