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On​ 31​March​ 2021​ the​ ​Ageement​ between​ AEROTHAI​ and​ Airport​s​ of​ Thailand​ (AOT)​ was​ signed​ by​  Mrs.​ Sirikes Niemloy, Vice​ President​ (Air​ Traffic​ Management​), Mr.​ Chumnan Reuchai, Vice​ President ​(Provincial​ and​ Facilities​ Administration), AEROTHAI​ and​ AOT​ Airport​ ​Managers, Suvarnbhumi, Don​ Mueang, Chiang​ Mai​, Phuket, Hat​ Yai​ and​ Mae​ Fah​ Luang-Chiang​ Rai. The​ signing ceremony​ was​ presided by​ Flight Lieutenant  Thummavudth  Nonsee, Senior Executive Vice President​ (Airport and Aviation Standard), AOT. According​ to​ the​ requirement of​ the​ Civil​ Aviation​ Authority​ of​ Thailand​, the​ Air​ ​Navigation​ Service​ Provider​ and​ the​ Airport​ Operator​ should​ work​ closely​ and​​ the​ agreement​ will​ function​ as​ operational​ frame​work​ indicating the​ role​ and​ responsibility​ of​ the control​ tower​s​ of​ AEROTHAI​ and​ 6​ air​port​s​ of​ AOT. The​ agreement​ include​s​ the areas​ of​ cooperation,​ such​ as​ Aeronautical​ Information, Safety​ Measures, Safety​ Hazard Identification​ and Risk​ Management, Airport​ Emergency and​ Contingency​ Plan​ and​ Management​ of Airport​ Areas and​ Facilities.​ The​ agreement​ fosters the cooperation​ to​ leverage resources​ under​ recommended practices,​ while​ supporting​ safe, secure, and sustainable air transport.