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Intelligent Monitoring and Control System produced by AEROTHAI was awarded the Silver Medal for Class C: Computer Science – Software – Electronics – Electricity - Method of Communication, from International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, during 10-14 April 2019 and the special prize from the Institute of Inventors and Researchersof Iran (FIRI).

Mr. Somnuk Rongthong, AEROTHAI’s President, said; this award brought a pride to AEROTHAI.The  Intelligent Monitoring and Control System was invented by AEROTHAI ‘s engineer team for monitoring status of Air Traffic Services Engineering Operational Center and all  equipment
including VCCS, DVR, Radio, Power Backup System for countrywide communication radio stations.In case of any malfunction, this innovation will immediately inform the engineers, so that they can examine before any effects on air traffic control service could happen. This innovation is easy to
use via PC, Tablet and other mobile devices.

The President added: “Annually, AEROTHAI organized the Innovation Exhibition and Award to get some new inspiration and to encourage our staff to produce innovation for further enhancing the efficiency and quality of the services. Then the selected innovation will be
supported for domestic and international level.