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AEROTHAI is in the process of transitioning their ATC operations onto a new Air Traffic Management System
under the project called ‘Thailand Modernization CNS/ATM System (TMCS)’. On 1 March 2019, marked
“The Dawn of a new Era,” of which Bangkok Area Control Center, has successfully started the shadow operations
of its Bangkok FIR to maximize the capability and efficiency of air navigation service.

TMCS will enable the provision of air traffic control services, with coverage of service areas nationwide.
Its systems supporting air traffic control service provision, namely, aircraft surveillance systems, voice
communication systems, flight information systems and other necessary systems have signals linked to
the primary system for future use and air traffic control service provision. Mr. Somnuk Rongthong,
President of AEROTHAI said, “Significant efforts had been invested through our TMCS project, in order to
increase capacity, enhance safety and increase Thailand’s role as a regional hub;” He further explained;
“In respect of addressing the issues to accommodate the growth in air traffic activity and emerging unmanned
operations, today AEROTHAI highlighted the willingness of other stakeholders to work with this developing
concepts and technologies to create the main features. TMCS includes multi-surveillance processing,
more safety net tools, and greater automation.”

To achieve successful transition, AEROTHAI has ensured that the system meets safety, and integrity.
Air Traffic Controllers and Engineers have been prepared to fit for the new operational environment.
The President added; “Our principles states that nonetheless, collaboration through the link of the
aviation information network among our neighboring countries, still require to be well-managed
especially within their services areas adjacent to Thailand, namely Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia.”

He wrapped up; “AEROTHAI will continue to assess progress through success criteria on and monitoring
of handling any events that may occur during shadowing, operational trial sessions and ghosting
(the new system operates while the legacy system working as the backup) before fully utilize
the new air service system by the end of 2019.”
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