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AEROTHAI opened the new ATM Network Management Center (ATM NMC)  to integrate the functions of Air Traffic Flow Management, Airspace Management and Aeronautical Information Management and support aeronautical information sharing in the region.

Mr. Somnuk Rongthong, AEROTHAI’s President, said; “The growth rate of air traffic in BKK FIR is 9% in the past 5 years, while this year AEROTHAI totally accommodates more than1 million flights or 2,800 flights a day. For AEROTHAI, not only the growth but we meaningfully focus on the capacity to cope with the growth and maintain service quality.”

The new ATM NMC consists of Air Traffic Flow Management Unit providing flow management to balance the airspace demand and airspace capacity, Airspace Management Cell supporting collaborative planning of airspace usage among civil and military airspace users based on the principle of Flexible Use of Airspace, Flight Data Management Center accumulating and managing  information of all flight plans and flight movement in BKK FIR, International NOTAM Office circulating notification and significant information, Regional OPMET Exchange Center and Regional OPMET Data Bank providing meteorological information of Asia-Pacific region and Aeronautical Communication Center supporting Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network and Aeronautical Telecommunication Network in accordance with ICAO standard. When pre-tactical units are integrated, all ATM-related information will enhance the capacity to accommodate massive demand for airspace and efficiently support the optimization of airspace.
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