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AEROTHAI has considered the feedbacks from our Airspace Users as the significant
resource indicating the areas to be improved air traffic services and to enhance
national aviation capacity. The Airspace Users-ANSP Meeting was held and presided
by Mr. Somnuk Rongthong, AEROTHAI President, on 25 September 2018
at Ballroom 2, Park Hyatt, in which the delegates from airlines, military sector
and aviation institutions participated.

Mr. Somnuk Rongthong, AEROTHAI President said; “the floor was opened for
communicating the direction, upcoming projects and future plans to the airspace
users to ensure mutual goal for aviation development. The major growth has
been shifted to Asia and Pacific for next 20 years, while Thailand is expected
to displace as one of the top ten largest market."

On this occasion Mr. Tinnagorn  Choowong, Executive Vice President, also
informed the current status of significant projects such as Thailand Modernization
CNS/ATM System which is expected to complete next year, including the re-route plan
for enhancing the efficiency of air traffic service.

In addition, the delegates from Airport of Thailand, Thai Airways, Thai AirAsia,
Airport Operators Committee and Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand joined
the panel discussion on Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) of which
 trial operation had been started at the pre-departure sequencing processes.
The web-based application named Intelligent Departure Enhancement Program IDEP)
was produced to facilitate the A-CDM process. Ground handlers or Aircraft Operators
are required to inform the Target-off Blocked Time and then the system calculates the
Target- Start Approval Time (TSAT).based on the principle of ‘Best Plan Best Serve.’
The aircraft are sequenced to be pushed back in an optimal order. The trial operation
reflected cooperation and support from Airlines and stakeholders. They also express
willingness to support the further step of A-CDM with the aim to enhance on-time
performance and predictability and to upgrade aviation sector.
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