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ATM Cooperation Executive Meeting and Technical Meeting between Thailand and Cambodia Air Traffic Services Company Limited (CATS) was established during 11-12 July 2017 at Ball Room1, Sukhothai Hotel, Bangkok, to discuss ATM/ATFM coordination issues in the sub-region. While AEROTHAI professionals in the field of ATM units to ensure harmonization, accelerate cooperative initiatives in various areas in order to enhance flight efficiency, while maintaining safe and expeditious flow of traffic with the goal of providing seamless and to further harmonized ATM/ATFM service in ASEAN.
AEROTHAI and CATS started to review operational ATS difficulties and while updated the meeting on traffic growth and the on-going projects, and the revision of the Operational Letter Agreement (LOA) between Bangkok Area Control Center and Phnom Penh Area Control Center together with the current cooperation procedure.
During the meeting, the delegates worked together to further develop ATS/ATFM network across sub-region. The participants’ intent not only spotlight on upgrading a bilateral cooperation but also an expansion to other Mekong countries including Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar. The scope of cooperation covers Airspace Management, Air Traffic Flow Management, and Data Sharing which enable proper traffic forecast and facilitate flow management. Moreover, the delegates considered the possibility and opportunity to connect to China and India in the near future.  The positive dialogue within sub-regional context led to strategic partnership to harmonize ATM/ATFM collaboration and to support ASEAN Single Aviation Market (ASAM).