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Mrs. Sarinee Angsusingha, AEROTHAI President together with senior management, attended the CANSO Global ATM Summit and 21st AGM in Copenhagen, Denmark, during 12-15 June 2007.
Civil Air Navigation Services Organization or CANSO is the global voice of Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) to encourage the capacity and efficiency of air navigation services. 
The meetings have brought together CANSO members to present the operations and directions, to share their views and other topics of air traffic management and aviation industry.
AEROTHAI has engaged as the active player of aviation community and emphasized the significance of CANSO.  AEROTHAI is one of CANSO founding members, in cooperation with other ANSPs of German, USA, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, South Africa and UK.  Now CANSO consists of 84 full members which are ANSPs, and 80 associate members.
The outcome of this meeting was really positive in the circumstances and we found the strengthened cooperation among CANSO members. On this occasion, AEROTHAI President formally invited CANSO members to join the next Global ATM Summit and AGM 2018 being hosted by AEROTHAI, during the 10-13 June, 2018 in Bangkok to share their view on ATM and to experience the touch of THAI.