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Since rapid growth of air transport, we come to the status which air traffic control is operated near maximum capacity, especially at the most crowded airports of Thailand, Suvarnbhumi and Don Muang. Additionally, severe weather or other unexpected circumstance may challenge the air traffic flow management. These are the reasons why AEROTHAI produces Air Traffic Flow Advisory System for Adverse Condition or ATFAS, which has been awarded the Bronze Medal in the 45th International Exhibition and Invention of Geneva.
Instead of issuing airborne holding, extended arrival path, or speed control to lessen air traffic during the adverse condition or terrible weather, ATFAS is operated to reduce fuel consumption and facilitate the airspace users. When airspace is limited because of military activities, ATFAS can also facilitate air traffic flow. This system supports close cooperation between civil and military aviation under the concept of Flexible Use of Airspace”
ATFAS imports arriving flight information from submitted flight plans, and capacity information output by the users, and generates optimized arrival slots for flights during the busy period. The arrival slots are automatically calculated take off times and distributed to flight operators and departure airports for further planning and operations. Then aircraft operators can adjust departure times appropriately at departure airports. This system encourages smoother flow of air traffic into the constrained airports, while minimizing negative impact on airlines and airspace environment.