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AEROTHAI Granted IHS Jane's ATC Award

AEROTHAI is very honoured that our innovation, Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Platform, was recognized as the winner of IHS Jane’s ATC Award, Service Provision Type, for its contribution to enhanced capacity and safety, from the World ATM Congress 2017 in Madrid.

AEROTHAI Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Platform is flexible, adaptable, and reliable technology where ATFM applications can be created using built-in Application Program Interface (API) to support the dynamic ATFM under various capacity-constrained areas, including airports, fixes as well as en-route sectors. With the design of using API to interact with the platform, ATFM program can be infinitely expanded without losing information integrity. Additionally, this Application Program Interface is developed based on web service technology, encouraging AEROTHAI ready for System-Wide-Information Management or SWIM of ICAO.
AEROTHAI ATFM Platform can support all ATFM phases of operations which include strategic, pre-tactical, and tactical. For strategic ATFM operation, it can calculate traffic demand using the data from slot coordination and seasonal flight schedules. For the data which is not available in flight schedule such as flight time, speed, flight level, etc., the historical flight data is added to draw the traffic demand picture as complete as possible. With the ability to predict traffic demand months in advance, the negotiation with related stakeholders can be initiated and ATC sector configuration as well as roster can be planned before time. For Pre-tactical and tactical ATFM operation, the Platform can be utilized to monitor traffic demand, plan and execute ATFM measure, including computation and publication of Calculated Take-Off Time under the specific circumstances. Importantly, the Platform is capable of calculating periodically the traffic flow results optimized under multiple-constraint conditions using what-if active ATFM measure scenario analysis. The Platform can be used to update the information obtained in strategic and pre-tactical phases with surveillance data to assist ATFM operation in real time. With the Application Program Interface, different tools can be created to suit users’ needs. In particular, aiming at decreasing airborne holding around Bangkok TMA, the tool was developed with the capability to calculate Target Take-Off Time and Estimated Time of Arrival at fixes along the flight path identified in flight plan until the Initial Approach Way Point for the domestic flights. Moreover, the Bangkok Terminal Sequencing Tool together with the Intelligent Departure Manager is included to assist traffic flow management for en-route flights at Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang International Airports.
The Platform supports air traffic flow management especially for the cases of limited or reduced capacity of airport such as adverse weather, airport fix, or special military mission. This allows aircraft to fly smoothly to destination, thereby reducing airborne delay and fuel burn, and increasing operational predictability.
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