• New year
Mr. Tinnagorn Choowong, Executive Vice President (Operations) and Acting President said, "According to the direction of the Transport Minister, Mr. Saksayam Chidchob emphasized all organizations and eelevanys parties under the Transport Ministry to facilitate people during New Year Festival. Air Traffic Management measures including our staff are well prepared to ensure safety and efficiency. AEROTHAI projected to accommodate 9,440 flights or 940 flights a day from December 25, 2021 to January 3, 2022, however this was a 17% decrease in comparison with last year level. He added, "The reopening policy of the government caused an increase in flight volume. In November AEROTHAI accommodated 30,457 flights consisting of 20,002 domestic flights, 7,287 international flights, 9,074 domestic flights and 3,168 overflying flights. This seems to be a good sign for aviation industry.” AEROTHAI has reminded all staff to follow safety and public health measures to protect and prevent the spread of COVID-19.