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  Press Conference on 15th AEROTHAI Mini Volleyball Aug 01,2014
  Work Hard & Work Smart Award Aug 01,2014
  AEROTHAI visited JCAB Aug 01,2014
  New President of AEROTHAI Jun 20,2014
  The President monitored earthquake in Chiang Rai Jun 09,2014
  Delegates of Air War College visited AEROTHAI Jun 09,2014
  Farewell to AEROTHAI President Jun 09,2014
  AEROTHAI visited CAT Contact Center Jun 09,2014
  Aviation Consultative Committee (ACC) Jun 09,2014
  Royal Thai Air Force Commemoration Day May 21,2014
  Airspace Users – ANSP Meeting May 21,2014
  Opening Ceremony of Don Mueang Aerodrome Control Tower May 21,2014
  AEROTHAI and DCA delegates visited Airservices Australia and Thales Australia May 21,2014
  Best Innovation & Best Practice Exhibition May 14,2014
  CANSO Global ATM Operations Conference May 14,2014



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