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  73th Anniversary of Land Transport Department Sep 08,2014
  IATA DAY Sep 08,2014
  115th Anniversary of Marine Department. Sep 08,2014
  Wai Kru Ceremony Sep 08,2014
  His Majesty the King's Philosophy Sep 08,2014
  The Outstanding Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment Award Aug 14,2014
  Congratulated the new Permanent Secretary Aug 14,2014
  140th Anniversary Celebration of Custom Department Aug 14,2014
  Contingency Plan Aug 14,2014
  Press Conference on 15th AEROTHAI Mini Volleyball Aug 01,2014
  Work Hard & Work Smart Award Aug 01,2014
  AEROTHAI visited JCAB Aug 01,2014
  New President of AEROTHAI Jun 20,2014
  The President monitored earthquake in Chiang Rai Jun 09,2014
  Delegates of Air War College visited AEROTHAI Jun 09,2014



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