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  AEROTHAI ensures readiness for Chinese New Year Feb 04,2016
  No Country Left Behind Jan 25,2016
  AEROTHAI joined the 52 nd Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation, Asia and Pacific Region Jan 25,2016
  Meeting on APAC Seamless ATM Plan Jan 25,2016
  Transparent Thailand Jan 25,2016
  ANC visited Thailand and met aviation-related organizations Jul 16,2015
  New Year Ceremony Feb 02,2015
  32nd Anniversary Ceremony of Royal King's Guard Feb 02,2015
  MoU on Safety Resolution and Prevention of Fire Rockets and Sky Lanterns Feb 02,2015
  AEROTHAI Foundation Scholarships Jan 10,2015
  70th Anniversary of the Signing of the Chicago Convention Jan 10,2015
  81st Anniversary Ceremony of Department of Civil Aviation Jan 10,2015
  Outstanding State Enterprise Awards Granting Ceremony Jan 10,2015
  Congratulated the new the Director General of Meteorological Department Jan 10,2015
  12th Anniversary of Office of Transport Policy and Planning Dec 03,2014



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